After months of searching finally found Sue and rent a small cottage on the outskirts of a town that spankingtube meets our requirements. It was the only one who had found a garden with high fences do not overlook where we could sunbathe naked, but above all, have some outdoor fun and shit. One of the things we want, which may seem silly, is one of our dogs with a dog leash and collar all the others and walk in dressing leather straps, belts, a little light bondage, spanking or lashes. We moved in shortly after Easter, visit the local pub a couple of times a week, where they were well received and got a few people who know even our neighbors Pam and George a nice couple apparently rich in 40 years. When we are buying in the local community, we are seeing is usually in the sex -shop pop, if all we like that. A few months ago we had a couple things that seem to speak to us. We have bought 2 or 3 things for spankingtube Sue and suggested that the other pairNightlife. Vicky and John were friendly and we continued our discussion about the pros and cons of the things that are for sale at the store. spankingtube He invited us to his apartment to see his collection, and although Vicky Sue and modeling their purchases. They took off their bras keep your panties on, strutting around the room. Sue and Vicky had hit it off we are all in our mid 20's, but at the same time very little Sue and has a small 32 " bust, Vicky larger, approximately 5 '8 " with curves, and has an impressive pair of tits I later found 38DD, but no sticking firmly support, diverted by big hard nipples. My penis was hard, as Sue was told that what we have done our game dog. They laughed to say it sounded funny and we were lucky to play in. We have a garden just a few hours, our tastes are known to be similar. Just before leaving, Sue said : "Want to come play with us next week?" John was very fast, but Vicky was not sure, but he orur phone say the love we know. Later that night he called said it would arrive on Friday night and come Sunday, when things were going well. Sue spoke with Vicky in the week both to increase the confidence of others as something. We were both so excited to be our first time. wine and was pissing down, there is no opportunity to do something from the garden. We went to the bar a bit of Dutch courage at the time, where the girls tried on various topics in bags of John and me. Vicky decided to use a strap that had a spankingtube close link between his legs, the division of the wound and that appears to cut a narrow strip of shaved pubis. Our cocks sticking out, as Sue was back on the couch, spread her legs and shows her smooth pussy and her fingers on her wet slit, parting her lips and let her wet hole opened up spankingtube and rubs her clit in small circular motions . She invited Vicky to your copy, but she said she was not willing to go that far yet. Sue REASSAs she was fine, take your time, only when you connect easily with things. Sue was totally excited, masturbates and shows her pussy for us and continue to caress and fingers until she herself, until she spankingtube arrived. I realized that Vicky spankingtube had her legs spread and wet, stroking John 's cock, and finally to his bedroom, and listened to shit like we do in our room Shagged Me. spankingtube The next morning, things were a little off, it has not gone as far as we hoped, but we were all thinking of nude and Vicky seemed more relaxed about things. We got dressed and was in the bar before returning home around 16:00 lunch all slightly acidic. Sue and Vicky went to switch back and Sue in high leather boots, leather straps and a pinch 1 / 4 cup, Vicky, high heels, stockings held by a leather belt with a mesh dress, her tits , nothing to hide the fact, pussy was exposed. John and I took off my clothes and sat watching and masturbating. They had a little music and dancing then pulled ors to harden, even with our own partners. Sue was rubbing against me, hugs me hard, and John had his hand between her legs fingering her pussy Vicky. She moved her pussy with his fingers as he slid in his 2 make gasping, looking anxiously at us, then visibly relaxed when he crouched demand without cutting thong in front of her and began to cast her pussy with my tongue . I could hear moans Vicky, then John was lifting, pushing his cock into her pussy wet and began to take their seats with their legs around him. Sue turned and bent over a chair for me to back, from which both see Vicky might be fucked. It was a real turn in the shit in the same room to see his cock touched her vagina, especially as relaxed and did not care, we were watching. All soon came and sat in chairs and looked with silly smiles on our faces. Vicky had admitted that it seemed exciting to be observed, knowing that I couldsee both open and penetrated her pussy John Dick. Later, John sucked his cock while he watched with the back of his mouth until he swallowed spunk and Sue did the same to me. We've all caught again later in front of each other, and although John would have liked to have caught Sue, Vicky said she was not willing to go that far, but I'd let go, while Sue, John. We thought it was pretty good for a first time left, and were willing to stay again, what they have. If you are already so far, sorry, is a bit tame. But there is more to this story and what happened three weeks later, it spankingtube is much hotter. I'll tell you another day, if someone thinks it is worth continuing with mine.
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